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Guiding Business Owners Through Divorce

Going through a divorce is difficult enough without having to worry about the future of a business. However, many couples who are divorcing are in the position of potentially dividing a business according to the Missouri laws of equitable distribution of marital property. If you are concerned about the impact that your divorce is going to have on your business, turn to me, attorney Charles A. Bender, at The Bender Law Firm.

I am committed to having your company properly evaluated by accountants and experts in order to see that it survives your divorce. Whether you have a family business, small business or a closely held business, I can help you understand what your rights are if you started the business before or after the marriage.

Call 573-355-9271 or contact me online to arrange for a free initial consultation.

Business Valuations

In order to determine the whole value of an LLC (limited liability company) or other type of business for purposes of division, when a divorce is occurring what is needed is a business valuation. Having handled a large number of complex divorce matters that have involved the obtaining of a business valuation, I can walk you through the process so you know what to expect.

  • There is an abundance of paperwork that must be gathered in order for a business valuation expert to determine the proper value of the business.
  • By facilitating a smooth business valuation, you can help move the process of dividing assets, and the entire divorce process, forward more efficiently.
  • Regardless of how the business was titled, you may be entitled to part of the business upon divorce if you invested your own time or money into the business during the course of the marriage.
  • The examination of your marital interest in the business by an evaluation specialist can help determine your proper share.

Free Consultation With An Experienced Lawyer

Contact me, a Columbia business and divorce settlement attorney, at The Bender Law Firm today to schedule your free initial consultation. We can discuss how to structure asset protection and protect you throughout a divorce with a business involved. Call my office at 573-355-9271 or send an email.