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Help With Legal Name Changes

There are several reasons why someone may want to have a name change done. It may involve wanting to restore your maiden name following a divorce, to honor a stepparent or other relative or for a variety of other reasons. In some cases, people simply do not like their given name and wish to change it.

Wondering Where Or How To Change Your Name?

A legal name change is a straightforward process that can be done for a modest cost in a short period of time. The process involves filing a short petition in circuit court followed by a very brief court hearing and a subsequent publication of the petition in a newspaper in your city or county.

In my practice as a lawyer at The Bender Law Firm, I have handled several name changes and can provide the assistance you need if you wish to pursue a name change for whatever reason.

If you are considering a name change, then please contact me, attorney Charles A. Bender, at my Columbia, Missouri-based firm for a free consultation. Call my office at 573-355-9271 or send an email.