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Seeking Modifications To Child Support, Child Custody Or Spousal Maintenance?

Your circumstances can change following a divorce, a new job, loss of job, the changing needs of your children or a change in your ex-spouse’s circumstances. Such changed circumstances can make the terms of your divorce unreasonable. In such cases, seeking a modification of the existing order is a sensible way to protect your interests.

The Bender Law Firm can help you. As a lawyer, I handle many types of post-divorce modifications on behalf of my clients — ranging from the routine to the complex. I advise and represent clients regarding post-divorce modifications involving:

  • Child support — If you have had a 20 percent change from the current support amount, you may have a case for the modification of a child support order.
  • Child custody and visitation — As children grow older their needs change. A custody plan that makes sense at age 5 probably doesn’t meet the child’s needs at age 14.
  • Spousal support (alimony).
  • Proposed child relocations — In our fluid, modern society, moving for a new job is a fact of life that necessitates a change in custody plans.

If your situation has changed to a significant degree and you would like to obtain a modification in one or more of these orders, I will work to achieve that for you.

Call me, attorney Charles A. Bender, at 573-355-9271 or contact my office online to arrange for a free initial consultation.

Child Support Modifications

An income change resulting from a layoff, disability or job promotion may be significant enough to justify a modification in the required child support level. Likewise, when visitation arrangements or the needs of a child change, an increase in child support may be warranted.

I believe that every person receiving child support should receive all of the child support the law requires. I also believe that a person paying child support should not have to pay more than the law or circumstances requires. I am capable of arguing for your interests and pursuing a child support modification in court. In most cases, this can be accomplished quickly and in a cost-effective manner.

Modifying Child Custody Or Visitation

Changing a child custody order is usually more complex than obtaining other types of modifications. The court will carefully examine the effect the proposed change will have on the child as well as how the circumstances of the child and the parents have changed since the entry of the current custody plan. It is essential that child custody modifications go through the court to ensure they are enforceable.

I have extensive experience in obtaining modifications of child support and visitation orders. Regarding visitation rights, it may be possible to negotiate an acceptable solution with the attorney for the other parent. If necessary, I will litigate aggressively in an effort to achieve your goals.

Free Consultation With The Bender Law Firm

For a free initial consultation with The Bender Law Firm about a post-divorce modification, call my Columbia office at 573-355-9271 or send an email.