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Moving Out Of Missouri With Your Children?

In today’s mobile society, career demands can come into conflict with family responsibilities. When a parent must relocate elsewhere in Missouri, to another state or even to another country, it is often a highly contested and complex case. At The Bender Law Firm in Columbia, I represent parents facing relocation issues in Missouri courts.

Focusing On The Best Interests Of The Child

When parents are involved in a relocation case, there is not a middle ground. The court either allows the parent seeking to relocate to do so or it does not. Due to this, almost every relocation case goes to trial. Often such cases can be highly complicated where the judge considers the best interest of the child as well as other facts such as:

  • The motivation of the relocating parent
  • Does the relocating parent have similar career opportunities in this area?
  • Is the relocating parent getting married?
  • Is the person he or she is marrying able to relocate to this area?
  • What is the bond between the child and the nonrelocating parent

Handling Complex Relocation Cases

When a parent with primary custody seeks to relocate with a child, the court may or may not allow the move. A parent seeking to relocate with a child or to prevent a child relocation needs knowledgeable legal representation. Without it, you may lose your ability to maintain a close parental relationship with your child or lose a professional opportunity that could benefit your family economically.

As a family law attorney experienced in all aspects of child custody and visitation matters, including proposed child relocations, I understand the importance you place on your children and will work with determination to protect your rights and achieve your goals.

Contact me, attorney Charles A. Bender, to arrange for a free initial consultation. I can review your case and discuss your legal options.

Child Relocation And The Law

Under Missouri law, a proposed child relocation must meet two criteria:

  • It must be what the court finds to be “in the best interest of the child” and
  • The move must be done in good faith and not to intentionally deprive the noncustodial parent of his or her visitation rights.

These tests apply to parents moving out of state as well as those moving to another location within Missouri.

With rigorous case preparation, it is possible to convince a court to approve or deny a child relocation. I will carefully examine the issues and the specific facts of your case to develop credible arguments in support of your position.

Protecting Your Rights And Interests

The Bender Law Firm will work vigorously to achieve a solution that protects your rights and your ability to maintain a close parental relationship with your child. In relocation cases, it is essential to contact a lawyer early in the process to protect your rights whether you are seeking to relocate with your children or seeking to prevent a relocation.

It may be possible to negotiate an acceptable custody and visitation arrangement, and I will certainly explore this possibility. Many child relocation cases, however, are headed to court from the outset.

Before you make your decision about how to proceed, I will explain the legal issues in your case, the possible outcomes and the likely costs of litigation. You will have a clear understanding of your case, so you can make the right decision about the course of your case.

Family Law Appeals

If you have failed to achieve your goals regarding a proposed child relocation, it may be possible to successfully appeal the decision. I have experience in family law appeals and will work vigorously to reverse the decision.

Free Consultation With The Bender Law Firm

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