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Family Law Overview

Family law is unique in that it frequently involves emotional issues between individuals who are closest to you. These issues require that you apply an adversarial position against a loved one, which can obviously be difficult and painful. Read more…

Columbia Family Law & Divorce Attorney

Experienced Divorce Settlement Lawyer Serving Mid-Missouri

People involved in a family law conflict need an experienced attorney to serve their best interests with competent, comprehensive services at a reasonable cost. The Bender Law Firm is dedicated to that objective. My law firm focuses on serving the best interests of clients involved in a wide range of family law matters such as divorce, child custody, child support, modifications, paternity litigation and appeals. When a legal problem affects you personally, you need a legal professional with the experience, compassion and vision to achieve the solution that is right for you.

At The Bender Law Firm, I develop creative solutions to challenging problems. I am Charles A. Bender, an experienced Columbia family law and divorce lawyer. I take an individual approach to each case in order to provide each client the necessary advice to resolve their case with the best result possible. Often legal matters can be resolved without a trial. However, I will litigate without hesitation when an aggressive approach is necessary.

I provide my clients with sound advice designed to protect their rights and interests at all times. In your case, I will clearly explain the legal issues, the strategies available to you and the likely outcomes of those strategies. With this information, you can make intelligent, informed decisions about your case.

I will focus my full attention on developing a solution designed to enhance your future well-being and created to allow you to move forward in the most positive manner possible. I work closely with each of my clients and will not shift any of the work to a paralegal or an inexperienced associate lawyer.

Experienced in All Aspects of Family Law

The Bender Law Firm handles all types of family law cases, ranging from uncontested divorces to proposed child relocations to paternity actions. Whenever possible, I try to resolve a divorce and related matters by reaching a settlement through a cost-effective negotiation strategy, but will not hesitate to litigate your case aggressively when necessary.

Your future depends on a positive outcome of your legal matter. The Bender Law Firm understands the importance of your case and will work with you to achieve the best outcome for you.

Free Consultation With The Bender Law Firm

My office is located on 9th Street, a half-block north of the Boone County Courthouse. I can meet with you by appointment during business hours, evenings or on weekends.

For a free initial consultation with me, an attorney at the Bender Law Firm in Columbia, Missouri, call 866-246-6794 toll free or send an e-mail.

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