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Experienced Child Custody Representation In A Changing Legal System

Not long ago courts ordered standard, preprinted custody plans that awarded divorced fathers visitation rights every other weekend and on a few select holidays. Those days are over. Today divorcing parents have input and control over the time they spend with their children.

For this reason, it is necessary to work with a family law and divorce lawyer who understands the custody law and the important relationship you have with your children. My office, The Bender Law Firm, utilizes such an approach. I am Columbia, Missouri, attorney Charles A. Bender, and I know that litigation involving child custody and visitation rights has become increasingly complicated, so clients need to have clear, competent advice.

I understand the importance my clients place on their children. I work diligently to achieve workable and fair custody and visitation arrangements for my clients.

I advise and represent clients in matters involving:

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Missouri Child Custody And Visitation Law

  • Missouri recognizes two types of legal custody: joint legal custody and sole legal custody. Legal custody gives the parties the power to make decisions about the important direction in your child’s life such as religion, education and health.
  • Similarly, Missouri recognizes two types of physical custody: joint physical custody and sole physical custody. These two types of custody are not necessarily what they may seem. Joint custody does not mean 50-50 and sole physical custody does not necessarily mean that one parent will not have any visitation with the children.
  • Courts in Missouri decide custody and visitation matters based on what they determine to be in the “best interest of the child.” To achieve the right solution for each client, I carefully prepare each case, considering the needs of my client and the children, career demands and other factors.
  • Courts tend to accept reasonable custody and visitation arrangements that the parents’ attorneys have negotiated. I have a great deal of experience in negotiating arrangements that are fair, workable and in the best interests of the children involved.
  • In your case, I can work closely with you to understand your needs and your family situation. Then I will use the legal strategy best suited for working toward your goals.

Negotiation Or Litigation?

In many cases, I can negotiate workable solutions for my clients that protect their rights and enable them to enjoy rich relationships with their children. A negotiated solution can often be achieved at a lower emotional and financial cost than through a lawsuit — benefiting both you and your children.

When differences between the parents cannot be bridged through negotiation, other means must be used to resolve the matter, including litigation. Should a trial be necessary, I can provide representation to protect your rights and achieve your goals.

Appeals Of Child Custody Orders

If you are not satisfied with the outcome of your custody order or parenting plan, I have the ability to file and pursue appeals. As an experienced family law appeals attorney, I have the knowledge and skills needed to handle custody appeals, and I will work with determination to achieve your goal.

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