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Confident Handling Of Missouri Child Support Matters

Because the cost of supporting a child following a divorce usually costs more than during the marriage, the court generally orders one parent to pay child support. That means that child support payments are an important issue for a divorcing couple.

At Bender Law Firm, I handle a wide range of child support matters for my clients. In most cases, I can achieve my clients’ goals quickly and cost-effectively, by applying my experience and knowledge as an attorney to the law.

Child support is usually determined by a set of guidelines the Missouri Supreme Court issues. The child support guidelines or “chart” calculates the child support amount based on the gross income of both parents as well as a number of other expenses such as day care costs and medical insurance costs.

My firm represents clients in matters involving:

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Focusing On Obtaining The Right Amount Of Child Support

I know that each family case is different. Often cases are resolved by sensible compromises that maintain future parent-child relationships. However, if a more aggressive position is required, I will not hesitate to litigate.

The court may also make provisions for the services and support a special-needs child requires. I can discuss the services your child needs and develop a plan to pursue the required level of support.

Free Child Support Checkup

If you think you are paying too much child support or you are not receiving enough, you may be able to obtain a modification of the current child support amount. I can provide you with a free child support checkup to assess your current situation. If that indicates that a change in the child support level is justified and possible, I can go to court to advocate on your behalf.

Complex Child Support Issues

In most cases, determination of the child support level is straightforward. However, when a payer of child support is self-employed or has widely varying income levels from year to year, the application of the child support guidelines is not as easy as it is when the payer earns a regular paycheck.

  • As a lawyer, I have experience in complex child support issues and will work to achieve your goals. If necessary, I can call upon forensic accountants who can identify the payer’s true income and provide evidence in support of your case.
  • Back child support, or arrears, must be addressed as well. This is money that is owed to the child and an agreement should be established to ensure the payment of delinquent child support. If it is not paid, an individual may be facing wage garnishment or jail time if child support is in extreme arrears.

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