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Columbia Family Law Appeals Lawyer

Missouri Appeals and Post-Trial Matters Attorney

A circuit court's judgment is not necessarily the final word in a family law matter. It may be possible to appeal the order and obtain a different outcome. At The Bender Law Firm, I have substantial appellate experience. I handle appeals both for my own clients and on referrals from other attorneys. Because of the deadlines involved with filing a timely appeal under Missouri law, it is important to contact a lawyer right away so that your appeal is not dismissed because it was filed too late.

My appellate work encompasses several family law issues such as child support, child custody, maintenance (alimony), and property division.

Achieving a Successful Appeal

Appealing a case successfully demands a completely different set of skills than litigating at the trial court level. Appellate attorneys thoroughly prepare documents called appellate briefs that are presented to a three-judge appellate panel.

Appellate briefs are written based on a thorough review of the trial record coupled with an in-depth analysis of the applicable laws and procedures. Often, appellate briefs can take hours of meticulous research, analysis and writing.

At The Bender Law Firm, thorough preparation is the key to my successful appeals. I am a strong writer and will carefully prepare an appellate brief that will best present your case to the appropriate Missouri Court of Appeals or the Missouri Supreme Court.

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Examining the Issues, Potential Outcomes and Costs

Before I agree to take your appeal, I will carefully examine the legal issues in your case, the potential basis for an appeal and the likely costs of an appeal. I will explain your legal options and their likely outcomes. You will have the information you need to make an informed decision about your case.

Free Consultation With The Bender Law Firm

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